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Social Media in 2020

Electronic communication where users create online communities to share information, ideas, messages, photos, and other content.

Social Media is Changing Everything

The Most Targeted Form of Advertising

 By now, most of us know that Facebook provides a great ROI (Return On Investment). However, there’s still the important task of planning and executing an effective advertising campaign. Although you may be comfortable using Facebook, building successful advertising campaigns is a completely different animal. Most businesses get themselves into trouble by underestimating the platform and then overspending to get results. Facebook Ads are the most sophisticated advertising platform available right now. Just because it’s accessible, doesn’t mean it’s easy to use…properly.  Let us help you with your Facebook Advertising Campaign and increase your revenues.

Why Social Media is the Least Expensive Form of Advertising


Cost to Reach 1000 People (CPM)

  • Direct Mail: $57
  • Radio: $10
  • Broadcast TV: $28
  • Billboards: $5
  • Magazine/Newspaper: $16
  • Social Media: $2.50

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The Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics

courtesy of Zephoria Digital Marketing (Updated October, 2019)